State of Hawaii Reports to Congress

Hawai`i Department of Health (HIDOH) Water Quality Reports to Congress

We took the published reports for 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008-2010, 2012, and 2014 and entered the assessment results into spreadsheets. Early reports differed in format from later reports, and it was sometimes difficult to match up the corresponding geographical areas from year to year. The maps and spreadsheets on this page portray the water quality assessment results in a convenient form. For questions about the assessment results or how they were obtained please refer to the original reports linked above and below.

The published reports for 2002, 2004, and 2006 provided both a Geocode ID and a Station Number for many of the reported sites. Later reports omit the Station Number, making it difficult to correlate the downloadable data with the corresponding assessments listed in the reports. To facilitate cross-referencing the data with the reports we created a table matching up Geocode IDs with Station Numbers and their Latitude/Longitude coordinates. Note that not every location and Geocode ID listed in the DOH reports has a corresponding set of downloadable data. In some cases we had to manually match Station Numbers to Geocode IDs based only on their names. In other cases there were no latitude/longitude coordinates for the Geocode IDs so we assigned coordinates using satellite imagery in Google Earth. If you discover any errors or omissions in the cross-reference table please inform us so we can make corrections.

For ease of comparing the available data with the reported assessments, we added columns showing the computed QIP values for the time period being reported. Note that the QIP values for 2002 and 2004 are all zero since no water samples were collected over that period. Visit our page on the temporal distribution of water samples to see when they were collected. Also note that there was no DOH report issued for 2008, but the 2010 report spans 4 years and covers the 2008 reporting period as well. For purposes of the spreadsheets, we duplicated the 2010 spreadsheet for 2008 in order to be able to report the QIP values for that time period. If there is no QIP value listed for a site then that indicates there were no water samples analyzed for that site during that time period. If a QIP value is listed as zero, then there were water sample(s) during the time period but none of them were analyzed for pollutants covered in this study. We are aware of no errors in the spreadsheets, but if you find any, please notify us so we can make corrections.

We are aware of two errors in the DOH data and both are minor spelling errors of place names.
The text in red is where we corrected misspellings for Honokeana and Pohaki

• HIW00044 West Maui Coast-Hanakeana Cove         Should be Honokeana Cove
• HIW00047 West Maui Coast-S-Turns (Pohaku)      Should be Pohaki Park


Click links below to open each year’s map. You can select the map layer from the popup in the lower left hand corner of the interactive map.

2014 Water Quality Report Map

2012 Water Quality Report Map

2010 Water Quality Report Map

2008 Water Quality Report Map    Note that 2008 and 2010 DOH assessment data are the same, but the QIP values are different.

2006 Water Quality Report Map

2004 Water Quality Report Map

2002 Water Quality Report Map


Multi-tab spreadsheet with sortable columns. One tab for each report.

Example spreadsheet of the 2014 Water Quality Report

External links to reports

The State of Hawai`i Department of Health, Clean Water Branch, maintains a page giving access to specific sections of the most recent water quality assessment reports along with other information. That page is available here.

2014 State of Hawai`i Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

2012 State of Hawai`i Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

2008/2010 State of Hawai`i Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

2006 State of Hawai`i Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report

The following reports are not available from but we provide copies from our server

Final 2004 List of Impaired Waters in Hawaii, Prepared Under Clean Water Act §303(d)

Final 2002 List of Impaired Waters in Hawaii, Prepared Under Clean Water Act §303(d)